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Gulf Cart Rentals, LLC

The Best Street Legal Golf Cart Rentals on the Emerald Coast


Our 2013 Lineup


From Destin to Seacrest and all the beaches in between, you can now leave your car behind and travel the scenic South Walton County coastline in a new street legal golf cart.  Our golf carts are electric, custom-built in 2012 or 2013, seat six adults and have been equipped specifically for the vacationers in the Gulf Coast area.


We are not the only providers of golf cart rentals on Florida's Emerald Coast; we are simply THE BEST!  Here's why:


• We beat our competitors' prices!

Check with every other LSV rental business in the South Walton County area and you'll see that Gulf Cart Rentals has unequivocally the lowest price on daily, multi-day or weekly six-passenger rentals.  We don't nickle and dime you with unadvertised charges or add-on costs; our prices are your bottom line.  You won't reserve a Gulf Cart Rentals golf cart believing you're going to pay one price and arrive to find additional charges have suddenly appeared on your bill.  That's not the way we do business! The prices listed on this site will be the price you pay for your golf cart rental.  Renting from Gulf Cart Rentals saves you money.


We Have American-built Golf Carts

Our golf carts are 2012 or 2013 AMERICAN-BUILT EZ-Go Golf carts! American-built EZ-Go LSV rentals are the best you can find on the Emerald Coast.  The better-built the golf cart is, the more reliable and dependable it will be for the duration of your daily activities.  You don't want to rent a golf cart that is being deteriorated by rust and neglect because it was built in some foreign factory with cheap labor, even cheaper metal and stamped parts.  A cheap golf cart is an invitation for problems and frustration. You don't want your vacation delayed or spoiled waiting around for someone to pick up and replace your golf cart because it wasn't built to standards we expect in this country.


Our Golf Carts are 100% Street Legal

Some of our competitors rent you a golf cart that can only be driven in the confines of a closed community development or on a golf course.  Renting a golf cart that cannot be legally driven on public roads defeats the purpose of renting one.  Unless you're planning to go nowhere and do nothing on your vacation to Florida's spectacular Emerald Coast, you need a golf cart that can take you beyond the confines of a golf course or closed community.  Our rental golf carts are 100% street legal for roads with posted speed limits of 35 MPH or below (most are in the South Walton County area) and are equipped to be legally and safely driven at night.  You can cruise the gulf coast on Highway 30A and enjoy the Emerald Coast's majestic views and sunsets with golf carts rented from Gulf Coast Rentals.  There's no need to rush back to your hotel or rental home before the sun sets when you have a golf cart from Gulf Cart Rentals.  Pick a spot along the coastal highway and marvel at one of Florida's most impressive and beautiful sights - a Gulf Coast sunset - because our golf carts are equipped for nighttime driving.


•  We have Golf Carts with room to spare!

So imagine you and your family or guests have decided to spend a week on Florida's gorgeous Emerald Coast.  You've realized the benefits of renting a street-legal golf cart for your vacation.  Your first day, you awaken to a glorious sunrise and decide to pack up the kids and head to the world-renowned gulf coast beaches in your rental LSV.  Besides people, sunscreen and towels, what are you taking?  A beach umbrella so you don't burn up on the first day of your vacation?  A cooler for beverages, sandwiches and snacks?  Chairs to sit in?  Maybe some fishing or snorkeling gear?  Or maybe you want to take along some beach toys or boogie boards.  Suddenly, that four-seat rental golf cart no longer seats four because the things you need most at the beach are taking up most of your seating.  But not if you rent from Gulf Cart Rentals!

We have six-seat golf carts designed for you and your family or guests.  No more sitting on laps with wet, sandy bathing suits because your seating space is occupied by coolers, chairs and umbrellas.  Our six-seaters are TRUE SIX-SEATERS - built that way at the E-Z GO factory - and have the longer wheelbase and room to prove it!


No Delivery or Pickup Fees!

When you travel to our panhandle paradise, you probably don't pull a trailer along with you so you'll need your LSV delivered and picked up.  When you rent a golf cart from anyone other than Gulf Cart Rentals, you're going to get an unpleasant surprise when your golf cart is delivered: a delivery and pickup charge of up to $60. We are a full-service golf cart rental business and believe that providing you the cart where and when you want it delivered and picked up should be our responsibility and cost - not yours.  There are no delivery or pick up charges during business hours (nor are they hidden in or added to our rental fees) when you rent from us.  We deliver and pick up your rented golf cart for no extra charge when delivered or picked up during our normal business hours of 9 AM to 5 PM every day, Monday - Sunday.  If you need it before 9 AM or after 5 PM, we can accommodate your needs within reason or for a SMALL convenience fee.


The Gulf Cart Rentals Difference

We're a family-run business that will treat you like family.  We don't expect your business; we expect to earn your business by providing you the best prices; responsive, friendly and professional customer service; and by always treating you with respect and integrity.  We want you to enjoy a fun, worry-free vacation to the Emerald Coast and we want to be part of that experience.  These are the values we hold and the reasons why we know Gulf Cart Rentals should be your only choice for golf cart rentals in the South Walton County area.


Our office hours are 9 AM to 5 PM every day (excluding federal holidays) but our phone is always on to respond to your questions and needs.

Access through sea oats at Inlet Beach in South Walton County

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